Current Volunteer Opportunities

Lunch Volunteers Needed!

Our teachers could really use your help! For the past two years, our teachers have graciously given up their lunch time to be with their students in the classroom. They were happy to do it and seemed to enjoy spending extra time with their students. However, they missed out on the opportunity to sit and have a meal and conversation with colleagues in a student-free environment, which is an important component of staff cohesion and community.

If you are willing and able to volunteer, please sign up by clicking here.

As grades 1-8 return to the cafeteria this year, we are in need of volunteers to assist with the lunch program.

The responsibilities of a lunch volunteer include the following:
- assist with distribution of lunch orders and milk when students arrive
- circulate the cafeteria to provide assistance to students who may need it
- encourage students to eat their lunch and report to the faculty/staff member on duty if there is a student who does not have a lunch
- when it is time to clean up, assist in monitoring students as they throw trash away and clean up there personal spaces

* Please note that all volunteers must a CORI background check (every year) and the VIRTUS Protecting God's Children training. More information on this process can be found here.