Uniform Guidelines Girls K-4

Regular uniform
• Plaid jumper with short/long sleeve white or yellow cotton blouse with Peter Pan collar
• Light blue SMS polo shirt with navy blue dress pants
• Navy blue knee socks/tights
• Flat shoes (navy, black, brown leather)
• Navy blue cardigan sweater (optional)

Warm weather uniform (September, October, and after April vacation)
• Navy blue shorts or skort
• Light blue St. Mary’s polo shirt
• Sneakers (mostly white, grey or black) & either navy or white crew socks or navy knee socks or navy ankle socks & shoes

Gym uniform (all with St. Mary’s logo)
• Navy blue tee shirt (short or long sleeve)
• Navy blue sweatpants/shorts
• Navy blue sweatshirt
• Crew socks and sneakers (mostly white, grey or black)

Girls Grades K - 4 JB Pride Uniform Price List 2021-2022