Summer means pool parties and cook-outs, traveling and relaxing, bike riding and hiking, and anything else that you enjoy doing.  It is also a time for families to reconnect and just spend time with one another.  Summer should bring a change in the hectic routines and the fast pace of our daily lives.  Both children and adults need this break.


Children also need to practice newly-acquired skills and understandings.  We, as teachers, have watched proudly as our students learned new math concepts and reading strategies.  We watched them struggle and then succeed in mastering math facts.  We provided cyclical learning in order to keep skills sharp.  In order to maintain their level of mastery, students need to continued practice. 


Below you will find buttons that will bring you to activities meant for each grade level.  Please click on the button of the grade your child will be entering at the end of the summer.

Have a happy summer filled with laughter and learning!

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