St. Mary’s School uniform is designed to provide students with a sense of pride about themselves. Summer uniforms are not a requirement, but they may be worn from the beginning of the school year through the month of October, and from after April vacation  until the end of the school year. At all other times of the school year students must wear the “regular” dress uniform. Uniform components (pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, sweaters, shirts, sweater vests) may be purchased at

J.B. Pride Uniforms
39 Cummings Park
Woburn, MA

All students are expected to report to school each day wearing the required uniform. There will be out-of-uniform days, which will be announced during the course of the year. On these days, clothing should be neat and appropriate for school. Parents are primarily responsible for seeing that each student arrive to school groomed properly and wearing the appropriate clothing.

All hair must be a natural color. Extreme or trendy hairstyles are not permitted. Hairstyles that cover a student’s eyes or face are not permitted.

For safety reasons, earrings are limited to stud or small hoops only.

Hats are not allowed in the school building.

Boots of any kind are not to be worn during the school day. During the winter months, students who wear boots will change into their dress shoes upon arrival in their homeroom.

Skechers (or footwear similar to Skechers) are not considered shoes; canvas topped footwear will be considered sneakers.

All socks must cover the ankle: crew, ankle or knee socks only.

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