Student Life

A child can potentially spend ten years with us if he/she enters in PreK and graduates at the end of eighth grade.  While we are committed to providing the highest quality of academic experiences possible, we are equally devoted to your child's social, emotional, and religious development.  We look for opportunities to expand the children's exposure to the arts, to sports, to technology, to other people, and to God.  We endeavor to feed their minds and souls so that every child develops his/her ultimate potential and feels proud of his/her accomplishments.

We welcome any new ideas,  If you have a suggestion, be sure to let your thoughts be heard!  Much of what we offer is a result of parental and student feedback.  This is your school--help to keep it alive!

Numerous clubs and lessons are available to the students after school.  These activities are fun and enriching opportunities intended to allow the students a chance to explore different learning experiences.  From dance and art to drama and band to cooking and robotics, there is something for everyone!  More than one student has discovered a hidden talent.  But one of the best reasons for participating is to make new friends.  

Below is a list of some of the activities and lessons offered during the school year:

Student Council
Band and String Program
Art Club
NYC Trip
Washington DC Trip
Cross Country
Kids Kitchen Club
Yearbook Staff