At St. Mary of the Annunciation School, the health and safety of our students is our top priority.  Each day, our parents entrust us with the care of their children.  This great responsibility means that all of us--teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students--strive to create an environment where every student feels safe, valued, and well taken care of.

Our students practice fire drills and other emergency drills regularly, so as to be well prepared in the case of an unexpected emergency.  Procedures for school and building security are constantly reviewed and evaluated, with changes made when necessary to respond to emergent challenges. Faculty and staff members are all trained in EpiPen administration and are encouraged to be active responders in the event of an emergency. Together with the work of our full-time nurse, we are in a position to be able to respond promptly and with great care when concerns arise.

For more information on our student health policies, including our allergy and asthma policies, please click on the link below. 

Terri Pedicini, School Nurse

COVID-19 DESE Guidelines

In accordance with DESE guidelines, St. Mary's School is providing in-person instructional environment for our students. We encourage you to read the St. Mary's student handbook.

to learn more about how we have created a safe environment for our student. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We are excited that those who are 12 years and older are now eligible to become vaccinated against COVID-19, and very encouraged by the fact that many of our upper school students have already received their first doses. If you elect to have your child vaccinated, please email documentation of vaccination to Mrs. Pedicini ([email protected]). Thank you.

Pediatric Health Care Associates Vaccination Clinics

The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine is being offered to anyone ages 12 and older (you do not have to be a patient of Pediatric Health Care Associates) during vaccine clinics at their Peabody location as follows:

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturdays 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

10 Centennial Drive, Peabody

Please call the dedicated vaccine appointment line to schedule an appointment: (978)818-6792

Malden Catholic High School COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Malden Catholic HS has invited St. Mary's students ages 12 and older to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine at clinics to be held at MC on the following dates:

Monday June 21 - Dose #1

Monday July 12 - Dose #2

Click here to download the flyer with registration information.