School Board

The Catholic school is an expression of the educational mission of the parish with which it is associated and of the Archdiocese of Boston. Therefore, the Pastor is responsible to the Archbishop for the administration of the total parish, including the parish school. The Principal functions as the chief administrator of the school and is a member of the parish staff. Regular and open communication between the Pastor and the Principal is essential. 

The St. Mary's School Advisory Board serves with the Principal for the good of the school community. Today's Catholic school Principal, with the many demands which are made, benefits from the advice and counsel of a group of people who are committed to the Catholic school and are willing to work for the good of the school and parish.



School Board Members

Rev. Shawn Allen, Pastor
Mr. Christopher Beza, Principal 

Mrs. Janine Arria

Mr. Gene Carozza
Mr. Frank Garvey

Mr. Lenny Lapenta

Mr. Mike Madden

Mrs. Karen Tarmey