Resources for Parents


The Math & Science Connection offers two versions, beginner and intermediate.  Both are filled with ideas for parents to help develop children's math and science skills.  Be sure to check out this resource every month!


May Beginner Edition


May Intermediate Edition


These are the final issues for the 2017 - 2018 year.  Come back in September!


Partners in Faith

The May issue of Partners in Faith can be downloaded by clicking on the image.  This newsletter is designed to help families place Scripture, Sacraments, prayer, and service at the center of family life.  

Summer Calendar of Activities to help your family grow in faith.





Book Recommendation


This month I offer you three suggestions for younger readers and/or listeners.  When God Made You contains rhyming text that appeals to most children.  The author inspires the children to think about their own special talents and gifts and how they fit into God's plan for each of us.


The second book, Alma and How She Got Her Name tells the story of a little girl with a very long name.  As she discovers that each part of her name is significant, she learns to love her name.  What a great way to start a conversation about family names!


The last book, Shaking Things Up, is about fourteen young women who make a difference in the world.  Each of the highlighted heroines is described in poetic verse that is quite catchy!  The accompanying drawings are also quite stunning.  Don't be surprised if older children in the house find themselves looking at this book.  It is very cleverly done with a wide-range of appeal.


I hope you have enjoyed some of my book recommendations.  There are so many great books out there; sometimes it's hard to choose!