Talk to anyone connected to St. Mary of the Annunciation - administrators, teachers, alumni, parents, students - about the qualities that make our school special and you find a common thread.  "It's the families...the sense of community...the parents....everyone knows one another..."

It is true.  Our parents are committed, parents.  They are actively involved in their children's lives, whether they are on their soccer field, at a parent conference, or at a PTO barbeque.  They understand that their children learn from all experiences, inside the classroom and out.  And they want to make every experience positive and worthwhile.  Our parents make an effort to know one another.  They want to know about the families who are involved in their child's life.  They want a connection.

The St. Mary's parents are a special group of parents.  There are many ways to become involved....whether you have a lot of time or a little time....Check out some of the parent pages and find a way to become connected!