Mrs. Karen Burton - Music


Q -What is a language that everyone on earth can understand?

A -Music!


Everyone is a musician! You start with the BEAT of your heart. Add a MELODY with your voice or an instrument. Express EMOTION through lyrics, whistling, humming, clapping, tapping, snapping. That’s music!

We enter this world hearing loving lullabies. We learn to move to music almost as soon as we can walk. We begin by drumming on a kitchen pan, dancing to a favorite tune, tapping on a piano, singing alone or with a group.   Music helps us feel happy or soothes us when we are sad or fearful. It makes us feel part of a group while performing or celebrating.

Music class at St. Mary’s will be a happy time for our students to celebrate life through song and sound. They will discover ways to express their feelings through music. They will listen to and appreciate many different types of music – classical, folk, jazz, rock… They will learn the tools to help them create their own music. A special connection to the parish family will be to share music as a form of praise.

Together we can develop a love of music in every child.

I hope your student will come home and say with a smile “We had music today!”