Ways to Give

We are truly appreciative for your consideration to donate to our school. All donations will help provide financial support to the operational expenses including infrastructure upgrades, teacher salaries, and student initiatives for all grades PreK through grade 8. Below are just a few ways to give to our school.

If you have questions or want to know more about donating, please contact Deb Mobilia at 781-665-5037 or email at [email protected].

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Honor a loved one, family member or friend by making a gift in his/her name.  When provided with contact information, we will notify surviving family members of your generosity.

Bequests - Have you considered adding St. Mary's School to your will?  Charitable bequests can take a variety of forms - a percentage of the estate or a specific sum of money or asset.  St. Mary's School also can be named the "residuary beneficiary" of all or part of the estate after other bequests, or a "contingent beneficiary" in the event other named beneficiaries do not outlive the donor.  Please discuss these options with your attorney so that you may choose the option that is best for you.

Student Support Fund

 In these challenging economic times, families who choose St. Mary’s School cannot always afford tuition for their children.  A sudden job loss often throws a family’s financial stability into turmoil.  While the school has always provided scholarship assistance to students in need, we continue to receive more requests than we can accommodate.  A gift of $3200 will cover the tuition for ½ year for a student or $6,400 for a full year.