Cross Country & Track

Our cross country and track programs are very popular.  Open to all students in Grades 5 - 8.  Most practices run twice a week immediately after school.  No prior experience is necessary, so these sports are the perfect entry into school sports.

Don your sneakers and join the largest teams in the school!

Cross Country Schedule



Player's Code of Conduct

Respect your coaches, officials, fellow team members, opponents, and yourself. Work to learn and develop the skills of the sport. Play to the best of your abilities in order to contribute to the overall team effort. Abide by your coaches' rules and rules of the league. Be prepared and on time for practices and games. Make certain your uniform and equipment meet the standards of the league. Be proud of your abilities and your team's accomplishments and remember that you represent your family, school and community. 



St. Mary of the Annunciation boasts an active basketball program for boys and girls in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.   The gyms are filled with parents, teachers, and other students, cheering on the SMS teams.