Mr. Mark Flint - Grade 8 

Mr Flint - 2021

The 110th graduating class from St. Mary of the Annunciation School has arrived in Grade Eight! With their arrival, we begin an exciting year of paving the way for our graduating students as they conclude their studies with us and journey towards high school. Give this year your all, Class of 2022, and welcome!

“The Road to Emmaus,” a painting that decorates the wall of our eighth-grade classroom, depicts two disciples who are also on a journey, a journey not only to Emmaus but also towards recognizing Jesus. The disciples did not only talk about Jesus, they acted upon their beliefs. Mother Cornelia Connelly, the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus who opened St. Mary’s School, expressed this idea regularly to her sisters and to the students they taught. “Actions, not Words” was their motto, and continues to be a guiding principle in St. Mary’s eighth grade. Our eighth graders lead our school family by their actions, not by their words alone. And this transforms them into being true leaders, disciples.

Our graduating class is encouraged and nurtured daily to become leaders in our school, leaders in our church, and leaders in the community beyond St. Mary’s. We accomplish this by offering our teenagers a rigorous academic program, multiple experiences of prayer and worship, enriching activities, and opportunities for Christian service. The support and caring advisement of our Upper School faculty are constant throughout this formative process.

One cannot be a leader without following Christ and walking the walk of discipleship, as did the gentlemen on the Road to Emmaus. As our eighth graders journey forward into their final year with us here at St. Mary’s, our challenging academic program and meaningful spiritual experiences will move them forward “on the road” towards being young men and women of character.

​The eighth-grade experience at St. Mary of the Annunciation School is like no other. A new and challenging workload, meaningful faith development, engaging activities and field trips, and preparation for the important transition into high school all contribute to the excitement which comes with being an eighth-grader at St. Mary’s. It is truly a memorable year!

So, Class of 2022, be leaders and walk down that road of discipleship, and have a blast doing so! I am so glad you are here!

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