Mrs. Lisa Harkins - Grade 7

Welcome to ELA Class!
Harkin 2021

This year, students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade will read from a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. Their curriculum includes novels, short stories, biographies and autobiographies, essays, articles, drama, poetry, and more. They will also further examine authors’ themes and purposes by including art, photography, and music in their studies.

​As always, writing is vital to success in today’s world. Students will hone their writing skills across all subject areas. They will continue to use the John Collins Writing Program to complete assignments across the curriculum. Regularly practicing several different styles of writing will prepare students to become confident writers throughout their lives.

Through both literature and writing, students are challenged to see their world in a different light. Students are encouraged to be great thinkers – like many of the authors they will read – and answer the difficult questions around them.

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