The Middle School

The Middle School at St. Mary's School consists of Grades 6, 7 and 8. The Middle School is organized so that students are taught by a variety of teachers.  This allows students the opportunity to learn from teachers who are specialists in certain areas.  It also helps students to learn to organize themselves and their assignments. 


Differentiated instruction continues in the Middle School.  Flexible groups, compacted curriculum, and individual instruction are some of the ways we meet the needs of diverse learners.  Multiple field trips and enrichment experiences are offered to the students in the Middle School.  Technology plays an increased role in the lives of students in the Middle School.  Ipads are assigned to each student and are available throughout the day.

Trips are offered to each grade in the Middle School.  Grade 6 tours Boston and Plymouth, Grade 7 visits Philadelphia and Grade 8 explores Washington, D.C.