Mrs. Joanne Donlon - Grade 3

Welcome to Grade 3!
Donlon 2021

Third grade is an exciting year when students expand their thinking and problem solving from concrete to abstract. This year promises to be an engaging year filled with many social and academic learning opportunities.

We will learn to regulate our emotions and increase our focus through mindfulness exercises. Students will develop strategies to build stamina for non-preferred tasks. A Positive Behavior Intervention and  Support system will foster a classroom environment where students take risks for learning. Successes, no matter how small, will be celebrated.

I develop deep connections with my students based on trust, fairness and mutual respect. I design lessons to meet their diverse learning needs. I embed opportunities for academic dialogue and hands-on activities throughout lessons to make abstract concepts concrete.
I’m looking forward to partnering with you to help your child reach his/her potential!

To find out more about Grade 3, visit the class website.