Ms. Kristin Monahan - PreKB

Welcome to PreKB! ​

St. Mary’s Pre-Kindergarten Program is dedicated to providing each child with the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, caring, and educationally rich environment.

As experienced Early Childhood Educators, we understand the importance of developing the whole child, and that the best way for young children to grow is through exploration and discovery. Therefore, creating an environment that allows the child to feel safe and comfortable is a vital part of our program.

We believe that every experience during the day is a learning opportunity and our role as teachers is to model, guide, and create opportunities for growth. Units are designed to integrate literacy, math, science, art, music/movement, and small/large motor skills. Lessons and projects are planned with the primary focus being placed on the child’s process and individual needs, rather than the product.

We truly believe that each day at St. Mary’s Preschool is a wonderful adventure filled with fun, learning, and caring for others!

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