Mrs. Mary Hollis-Pfeifer - PreKA/B

Welcome to PreKA/B!

I am looking forward to meeting your little ones and guiding


them through their first formal school experience. It will be an exciting year full of discovery, growth and fun (most important). 

I believe it is my responsibility to come to know each of my students as individuals. To understand their strengths, needs and interests. I am committed to meeting each child where they are at and bringing them forward with a gentle hand and humor. 

I also believe there is a time for everything and everything has its’ time. My charges are the youngest here at St. Mary’s. Learning to share, take turns, be patient and kind are lifelong skills.  Play-Doh, puzzles and dress up are a few corner stones in our school day. Our early child curriculum balances explorations and social –emotional development with learning numbers, letters and pre-reading skills. Each child will lead me as we undertake this journey together.

As we often communicate through the year the words, ‘little steps for little folks’ will be shared with you. Thank you for entrusting your child with me. It is a responsibility I take seriously.

Mrs. Hollis-Pfeifer

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